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Johnnys' Pimp

A player can't get that money without advertising the ho!

Johnnys Pimp
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your one stop spot for introduction into Johnny's Entertainment

[ * ] Welcome

Welcome to johnnys_pimp, your one stop spot for introduction to the shiny, glittery, totally gay world of Johnny's & Associates. Anyone is welcome to joining the community or pimping it to your flists to spread the love of your favorite group or Johnny. Few will be granted posting access, but if you want to contribute by all means comment on whatever entry it is that is relevant to the information, image, etc. you have!

Essential johnnys_pimp links

Fandom F.A.Q.
The Traveling Fan's Shopping Guide
I Made a Pimp Post so LINK TO IT!

[ * ] Rules

Let's be honest, there will be some bias in the entries made here... but hopefully it will all be good because in theory... who ever made that entry likes the subject of it. There are still some rules, so please check them out!

[ 01 ] Only approved moderators will have posting access. I'm doing this to have one set format of how the entries are going to be made. If you want to join the team, check out the contact information below or the JPimp post.

[ 02 ] If you spot a mistake in an entry, try to be courteous.

[ 03 ] If you copy and paste the entirety of any given entry here... be prepared to be called out on it in true pimp fashion.

[ 04 ] You made a pimp post for xx group and we didn't link to it? Feel free to comment on the relevant entry or on the Hey, I'm No Ho! post.

[ * ] Contact Information

This community was founded and moderated by Munkey Ju, the_edjucator. You can contact me through any of the following means:

My LJ: the_edjucator
E-Mail: edjucator[at]edjumication[dot]net
AIM: illustrious tono
MSN: munkeyju@hotmail.com

[ * ] Credits

          Codes by: fragmentx
          Kanjani 8 Scans by: agtoro
          Graphics by: the_edjucator
          Brushes by: Yumei-K
          Fonts by: Da Font

[ * ] Affiliates

Just contact me from either above or in any post here to affiliate!
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