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Johnnys' Pimp
A player can't get that money without advertising the ho!
[Johnny] Tatsuya Ueda 
16th-Oct-2008 12:55 am
{TatsuyaUeda} hopeless dork

[Last Updated: October 16, 2008]

I know exactly what you're worried about.  You saw this KAT-TUN video last weekend instead of hanging out with your Aunt from the other coast.  Everyone's been making a fuss about some turtle guy and his friend named after some alcohol so you figured you would check it out.  It was fun enough and this guy in the back kind of got your attention more than anything else.  I don't know, maybe it was an older clip and he looked really weird but really it turned out he was imitating Gackt.  Yeah.  A Johnny idolizing GACKT.  Interested yet?  Or maybe you know all this and are just a little freaked out by it.  Well... proceed anyway! 

First, you start with an idea.

This will probably be longer than most others because... Ueda is a mystery and being a mystery means there are a lot of questions about you.  Here is a probably longer than necessary summary of his career and personality.  Are my biases showing yet?

 Ueda joined Johnnys when he was fifteen years old because he admired Tsubasa Imai.  In his earliest junior years he was in Musical Academy Dancing being picked to be one of the backup dancers on Koichi Domoto's tv show.  Out of the rotated dancers on the show, Ueda became one of six that stood out and became a regular ensemble called KAT-TUN.  The group proved to be so popular that they remained a unit on the Shounen Club eventually debuting.  Once KAT-TUN finally did debut, Ueda became leader mostly of his own decision.  He shortly turned the titleship down, however, because he was tired of being scolded the most during dance practices.  It really wasn't until Jin went on his hiatus that Ueda began to stand out in the group what with him having to take over Jin's parts in their songs.  

He does have exceptional abilities outside of regular KAT-TUN activities.  For one, he trains his body through boxing and was even encouraged to get a license for it.  Recently, he became the first member of KAT-TUN to have a solo concert, which must've been great because he is a very versitile songwriter.  An interesting fact to point out is that while the rest of the group have had either starring or supporting roles in drama on TV, Ueda is the only member who has not.

Picture in your mind what it is that you hear...

images coming soon! 

Draw from your past experiences for better storytelling.

Ueda has not been involved in any outside units that have released CDs nor has he really done any dramas as stated above.   Apparently he was in that Worst Date thing, though.  He pretty much just focuses on KAT-TUN and music. 

Connect your heart with others by sharing your song. 

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