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[paperwork] Fandom FAQ - Johnnys Related Questions 
24th-Sep-2008 08:37 pm
{Jin} jineral lickin' good

The following all relates to Frequenty Asked Questions about the company and the Johnnys themselves. For the other F.F.A.Q.s, please see this entry!

[Updated: September 24, 2008]  

General Johnnys Related Questions

Before we begin! Everyone has come across one or more profiles where something is mentioned in brief and then... that's it. It really piqued your interest and you want to learn more about it but where the hell do you go? There actually IS a community right here on LJ that does nothing but answer questions related to the boys. It is je_questions</lj>. You find out all sorts of awesome stuff there that you might not have known about before. Yes.
  • Can you explain what exactly Johnny's Entertainment is?
    • Okay, this was difficult to understand when I first came into the fandom.  So, people send their sons or they send themselves to this place called Johnny's Jimusho, or Johnny's Office, to audition to join the company.  This place is also known as Johnny & Associates.  That means that this place is actually a talent agency.  They start them young and teach them singing, acting, dancing, comedy, and... whatever else they need to become Super Idols.  Ha.  You start as a Junior, essentially.  After you debut, you get signed on to a record company.  One such company is actually called Johnny's Entertainment.  Because that an easy name to use to explain these groups, most people tend to use it.  Whether they talk about Kinki Kids (who are actually signed to Johnny's Entertainment) or Arashi (J-Storm Records) or Kanjani 8 (Teichiku Records.
  • Then what are the record companies they are signed to?
    • All of that kind of information is on the group/individual's respective entry in this community. ^^ 
  • So can you define "suspension" or "trainee" for me?  I'm really confused about Johnnys with that kind of status!
    • Well, suspension basically means that you are not doing work.  You aren't doing photo shoots, you aren't working on dramas, you aren't recording anything.  You are out of the public eye and, in theory, out of the public mind.  Sometimes its because you got caught drinking underaged.  Other times its because of drug possession... but you're gonna be let go with that kind of a charge.  

      As for the whole trainee thing... no idea.  As far as I personally know, Hiroki Uchi and Hironori Kusano are the only two to have that status.  You would think it is them dancing in the background on Shounen Club or something but... ones in dramas and the other is studying abroad so... who the hell knows?  And as far as when those titles are lifted off of them... there is never any telling of when that happens.
  • What is the Shounen Club?
    • It is a show that airs the first two Sundays of every month on one of the NHK channels.  Essentially it is the show where you can see the future of Johnnys... TODAY!  Juniors are primarily on the menu but some of their senpai show up for guest appearances and to sing their latest single or do some other kind of promotion.  It is a lot of fun to come across a page with older episodes of the show before Tackey&Tsubasa debuted.  Even if they aren't subtitled they are hella fun to watch.
  • Does xx group have a tv show?
    • Some groups have their own shows, some Johnnys make regular appearances on variety shows, then there are shows like Shounen Club, and still others are diligently studying in college.  So yes and no.  But they probably do.  Information about that can be found on that group's page or, eventually, our tv show masterpost because I know people want to make sure they have seen EVERY JOHNNYS CLIP KNOWN TO MANKIND.  Hee~
  • Um... is it true that xx smokes?!
    • This question pops up a lot every now and then.  Think about it rationally for a minute.  You have a high-stress job and very limited means of relieving that stress without a bunch of photographers and reporters in your face about it.  Sure, you're marketing a somewhat squeaky-clean image, but!  Britney has done a lot worse than any JE boy smoking the occasional cigarette.  Besides, most of the ones who do are old enough to understand the consequences, etc. etc.  Several DO smoke, and yeah, there are photos.  Some only smoke on occasion, or as I like to call it - social smoking.  It isn't that I'm condoning it myself and I could give you a list, but what does it matter?  Let them have that to themselves, hm?
  • OMG, is that sex scandal about xx true?
    • Please see answer above except where it says "cigarette" or "smoking" insert "girl" and "screwing" respectively.  Boys will be boys...
  • I just read in a fanfic that Johnny XX is dating Feme Idol XX/Johnny XX!?
    • Now, fact is stranger than fiction and I'll give you that but see above.  Whatever they do on their own time is their own thing.  It doesn't make MatsuJun any less of a human being whether he's dating all of Arashi or that one chick from Yukan Club or whatever.  You probably didn't have a real chance and sure, it is kind of a buzz-kill when your favorite idol is caught on a date, sure.  But you know... kudos to Junno for getting a girl and be happy that whatever TOKIO member is having a baby because... goddamn we need more of that, right?  That whole happiness and personal fullfillment thing.
  • So I'm looking at the relationship chart for xx JDrama coming out this season and the starring Johnny is an illustration?  What the hell is up with that?
    • The agency has certain rules about companies using their talent putting their pictures up on the Internet.  Its just something about protecting their rights and the talent, etc.  This is actually fairly common in Japan.  Like, that CLAMP icon you made is something that'd really piss the ladies off since they don't like their original art being used or manipulated on the Internet.  But this isn't just limited to Japan.  So... it really depends on what the drama is, how popular the idol, the execs' menopause, etc. 

If there is a question you would like to see answered, please comment below and we shall do our best to answer it! ^^
7th-Dec-2008 05:02 am (UTC)
But this isn't just limited to Japan. If you check out the official English website for Letters from Iwo Jima, even an image of Ninomiya wasn't allowed to be posted and he's like the main fucking character.

er...what? I'm there right now and I see pictures of Nino all over the website. not sure what you're talking about...
8th-Dec-2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Well I guess that makes two of us. Thanks for the er... correction.
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